$25Off Repairs! $25 off any repair over $150! Cannot be combined with other offers. Most vehicles apply. EXP 8/28/2018
First Timer Service $80.00* For your first time to Pat’s we are happy to offer you a Minor Service which is regularly priced at around $160.00.
inspect hybrid batteries and connectors (hybrids only)
change oil, replace filter, lube
check brakes
check brake lines and hoses
rotate tires and inflate
check fluid levels and refill
adjust clutch
inspect accessory belts for wear
clean and refill battery
check transmission fluid
inspect coolant
check tune-up parts
check axle boots
check exhaust system
check rear shocks, front struts
inspect oil pan gasket
road test for general handling, tire balance, transmission
performance, steering, tire vibration, engine
power, and clutch operation
*Vehicles using Synthetic Oil, and ALL SUV's and Trucks will cost more.
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EXP 8/28/2018
The Alignment Check Special $75 Vehicle not driving straight? Potholes, curbs, and everyday wear can knock your wheels out of alignment. Results can vary from premature tire and suspension wear to poor handling. The primary goal of a safety alignment is to measure and adjust the primary wheel alignment angles, and adjust the various innovative advanced driver assistance systems to manufacturer's specifications. This Alignment Check Special, normally $150 service, will provide us with the proper diagnostics and inform us if your vehicle needs an alignment. If adjustments are needed, you may require additional labor charges and parts. ... [more...] EXP 8/28/2018