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Brake Shoe Replacement in San Francisco

Brake Shoes Replacement in San Francisco | Pat's Garage

Brake shoes are used with drum brake systems. In modern cars, brake shoes are found only at the rear wheels in cars, because the drum brake system does not provide sufficient stopping power compared to the disc brakes, hence drum brakes, if used at all, are used on the rear axle, where braking forces need not be as powerful as in the front. On the other hand, because of the lesser braking load, brake shoes tend to last longer than brake pads.

At Pat’s Garage we offer brake shoe replacement, and our nationally ASE certified technicians are well skilled in working with drum brakes. The way a drum brake works, is that when you step on the brake pedal, brake shoes press against the brake drums, which causes friction that eventually slows the car down. Over time, the shoes wear down, hence the need for brake shoe replacement.

Driving in San Francisco is hard on brakes, and particularly on brake pads and brake shoes. San Francisco hills and city traffic contribute to accelerate brake shoe wear. Regular brake shoe replacement is a fact of life for San Francisco drivers.

When you bring your vehicle to our San Francisco auto repair shop, we first perform a thorough inspection, so we can ascertain if other drum brake system components need attention as well. The inspection includes: checking brake drums, springs, backing plate, brake cylinders, emergency brake cable, checking for leaks, we also check brake shoes for contamination and of course we check thickness – after all, the shoes might still be thick enough that you vehicle may not need new brake shoes.

If it does need new brake shoes, we will not only replace brake shoes, but after all parts are reassembled, we will take your vehicle for a test drive to make sure that all components are working correctly.

In general, we recommend having your brakes inspected on regular basis. It can be done as part of a minor service, along with oil change and tire rotation. Also, if you hear noises when braking, or the hand/emergency brake does not hold, or the steering wheel vibrates while braking – we suggest you bring your vehicle for a brake inspection.

Whatever your brake or auto repair needs are – Pat’s Garage is ready to help. We are happy to be of service – simply give us a call.

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