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Learn To Love Your Car: 101

Car Care Classes 

Ever wanted a moment alone with your car mechanic (or at least some advice?) We want to declassify and demystify automotive repair and empower you to make good decisions about your car, so we are offering classes. Even if you have no desire to get your hands dirty, by the time you finish our clinic, you'll at least be able to tell someone else where to find your car jack.
See photos from the Spring 2005 clinic.

So far the classes have been a huge hit. Everyone was divided into small groups which rotated through different "stations." We cover basics like checking tire pressure, engine parts, and even what all those lights on the dashboard are supposed to do. The groups are small enough that we can also address some of the tougher, more specific questions. Even our mechanics learned a thing or two, and everyone had a blast! Give us a call to sign up for the next class.

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