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Sound Advice

If you’ve had your car for a while, you probably realize just how wonderfully forgiving it is. The problem is that we tend to deal with our car just like we take care of our teeth... painfully too late. Our intentions are good, but since it runs so well right now, why bother.

3 Good Reasons Why To Bother

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  1. Maintenance is statistically cheaper than repairs. When something breaks on your car, it invariably takes something else with it. If your knee goes out, your back starts hurting. Just like with our bodies, everything in your car is interrelated.
  2. A well-honed vehicle gets better gas mileage, often as much as 4-5 MPG better.
  3. A well-maintained car with good service records has a higher resale value.

The types of automobile we service are incredibly friendly to our environment when they are well maintained. Honda’s ULEV engine is the most environmentally advanced gasoline engine on the market today. Honda’s second generation hybrid is leading down a path toward full fuel cell automobiles in our near future. While the “maintenance free car” sounds good in advertisements, these vehicles will still need to be maintained.

Here at Pat’s we look forward to doing everything necessary to keep your trusty steed running reliably. Make an appointment.

Useful Resources

We recommend these services and resources based on our experience. These are not advertisers.

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Car Rentals

The local rental service we recommend is Rent a Wreck, right up the street from Pat's Garage.

Honda & Acura Enthusiasts

Here are some links for people who want to get a little (or a lot) more out of their Honda or Acura.

Body Shops

While we do not repair car bodies, we work in collaboration with several fine shops locally. Please call us for a referral.


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