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San Francisco Disc Brakes Repair

Disc Brakes Repair in San Francisco | Pat's Garage

Welcome to Pat’s Garage – the premier brake repair shop in San Francisco. Disc brakes are made of a brake rotor which is attached directly to the wheel. Hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder causes a caliper (which holds the brake pads just outside the rotor) to press the brake pads on either side of the rotor. The friction between the pads and the rotor causes the vehicle to slow down and eventually to stop. Brake pad replacement has become a relatively frequent service for San Francisco residents.

Brake pads will wear out at different rates depending on where you drive, how you drive, and how heavy is your vehicle. San Francisco, with its hills, traffic, and ocean air is harsh on brakes, and on brake pads in particular.

At Pat’s Garage, we recommend brake inspection whenever your vehicle is brought in for service – even a minor service. If brake pads are not replaced at the right time, it may cause rotor damage or warping, which will require rotor replacement – making the brake repair much more expensive than it would have been if only brake pads had to be replaced.

Brake calipers will need to be replaced at some point as well. Typically it’s done around 7 years or 75,000 miles. With age, piston seal becomes hard and loses elasticity – this can lead to brake fluid leaks – a potentially dangerous situation that can lead to outright brake failure. Corrosion of pistons or piston bore may also contribute to brake fluid leaks. “Sticky” calipers or “frozen” calipers will also require repairs – “sticky” calipers typically manifest by uneven braking or pulling to one side when braking. Calipers should be replaced in pairs, especially on high mileage vehicles.

At Pat’s Garage, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s brakes, and of course, if repairs are needed, we can complete them, usually the same day.

We back our work with 24 months/24,000 mile warranty. So if your vehicle needs brake pads, or you simply want your vehicle to undergo a regular service and brake inspection – give us a call.

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