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San Francisco Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement

San Francisco Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement | Pat's Garage

Toyota Prius Hybrid batteries have proven themselves to be very reliable. Over the years, the accumulated experience suggests that you can expect them to last for over 150,000 miles. Still, at some point, given that many a Prius will live well past 250,000 miles, they will require replacement – Pat’s Garage is your San Francisco Hybrid Battery Replacement specialist.

At Pat’s Garage we have hybrid service experience going back to 1999 and the pioneering Honda Insight. Since then we have serviced and repaired every make and model of hybrid and electric vehicles, including Toyota Prius and Honda Hybrids.

If your Prius hybrid high voltage battery starts showing signs of ageing, bring your vehicle to Pat’s Garage, and we will diagnose whatever ails your Prius. If it does turn out that it requires a new hybrid battery, we can perform the hybrid battery replacement and get your car back on the road.

Quality is the hallmark of all hybrid services at Pat’s Garage. When doing a hybrid battery replacement at Pat’s, you can expect:

  • ASE certified mechanics
  • 24 months/24,000 miles warranty
  • Clear explanation of your options, including comparison between Original Equipment and aftermarket hybrid batteries

Hybrid battery replacement is no longer a novelty. However, before we recommend replacement, we will inspect your Prius to make sure the vehicle itself is in good shape, so your investment in a new hybrid battery pays dividends for a long time.

Whether you know that your Prius needs a hybrid battery replacement, or simply want to explore your options before that time arrives, give us a call at Pat’s Garage – we are happy to help. For your convenience, you may also schedule an appointment online.

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