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Ritchie With Open Hood

Ritchie With Open Hood


Here we have Richie (background, 2nd from right) explaining the meaning of all those little lights on the dashboard. Or else they're arguing over who gets the first test drive in Pat's S2000!

John under the Car

John under the car


That's a "muffler." It's designed to provide a precise degree of "muffling." VERY technical.

Liz Checking the Tire Pressure

Liz Checking the tire pressure


Everyone should know how to put on the spare in case of a flat. Here Liz is detailing the process to a group of fast-learning drivers (or fast-driving learners, as the case may be).

Wearing Latex Gloves

Why is everyone wearing latex gloves?


What kind of class is this? Actually, this lesson is called "What's under your hood." In it, John (at left, obscured face) shows where each of the different fluids go, and what they're for, as well as pointing out other parts like the air filter, belts, frammis coagulator, and that brown thingamajiggy with all the little hoses and wires connected to it...

John Explaining About Engine Block

John explaining about engine block


In this photo our intrepid technician is giving the ladies a real inside view of the engine. Prepared specifically for this demonstration, this engine has been broken down allowing a look at each of the major components: valves, camshaft, pistons, crankshaft, etc.


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