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San Francisco Drum Brakes Repair

Drum Brakes Repair in San Francisco | Pat's Garage

Welcome to the premier San Francisco drum brake service and repair shop – Pat’s Garage.

Drum brakes, as the name suggests, consist of a brake drum attached to the inside of the wheel. When the brake pedal is applied, hydraulic pressure presses two brake shoes against the brake drum. Resulting friction will slow down, and eventually stop the vehicle.

We recommend drum brakes inspection whenever your vehicle is brought in for service. Driving in San Francisco – with its hills, stop and go traffic, and ocean air, is hard on brakes. At Pat’s Garage we can inspect and repair your vehicle’s drum brakes - usually the same day.

Most frequent drum brake repair is really a maintenance task - the replacement of brake shoes. Brake shoes are the friction material that presses to the drum to cause vehicle to slow down – over time they wear down, until replacement is warranted.

Since drum brakes rely on hydraulic pressure to apply the shoes, the second most common problem is brake fluid leak. Brake fluid leaks can be caused by component failure, time or mileage. As your vehicle ages, seals harden with age, and leaks can occur. Brake fluid leaks can be dangerous, since in extreme cases they can lead to brake failure. Whenever you suspect a brake fluid leak, we recommend a visit to your friendly auto repair shop. At Pat’s Garage we can diagnose brake fluid leak and have it repaired the same day, in most cases.

There are other components of drum brakes that may require repairs or replacement. At Pat’s Garage we are happy to answer any questions you have about drum brakes and about their maintenance.

So if you have any concerns about your vehicle’s brakes – give us a call. We back our work with 24 months / 24,000 mile warranty. Making an appointment is simple – just give us a call.

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