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San Francisco Scion Service and Repair

San Francisco Scion Service and Repair | Pat's Garage
2005 Scion tC by Shagun, used underCC BY 2.0

Toyota first introduced Scion in California in 2003. Good mileage and small size make it an ideal car for San Francisco, and indeed, Scion is very popular in the City. Pat’s Garage is your San Francisco Scion service and repair specialist.  Our ASE certified technicians can repair your Scion problems and get you back on the road usually the same day.

Scions have reputation for being well made, trouble free cars. Still, even the highest quality car needs regular maintenance to provide its owner with trouble free driving experience.

At Pat’s Garage we can usually provide same day Scion service and repair. Occasionally your Scion may develop a more serious problem, and it will require an overnight stay at our facility, but in general, Scions are owner friendly and most services and repairs are pretty straightforward.

Scion water pump failure and excessive oil consumption have been reported in older cars, but overall, Scion being made by Toyota, is an excellent quality car.

If you live in the City, regular tire rotation is a must, as the hilly streets and city traffic cause accelerated tire wear. Checking your brakes on regular basis is a good idea as well, as they tend to wear out on the hills of San Francisco at an accelerated pace.

So whether your Scion check engine light is on, or you simply need an oil change, call Pat’s Garage or set up an appointment online. Along with fast and high quality auto repair service, we offer excellent (and strong) coffee.

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