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Probably where you will find the best advice is from the hearts of people who live and work in San Francisco. Meet some of the best.

Nazariy Krempovych

Nazariy, the progeny of a physics teacher and a mechanical engineer from Ukraine, landed in San Francisco at the age of 11. " As a child I'd sit in my mother's physics classes with students 10 years my senior or hang with the engineers at my dad's shop making busses and tractors. The moment I bought my first car and started tinkering with it, I knew this is my work." With Sherlock Holmes as a muse and the Nisson Skyline as his dream, his suggestions for awesome things to do in San Francisco include ...

Relax at a BBQ in Golden Gate Park.

Build bonfires with friends.

Drive the streets of San Francisco, late at night when nobody is on them.

Kyin KyuFor Kyin, growing up in Burma (Myanmar) is mostly a life without worry, but "it's hard to follow your dreams." The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan was an important book to Kyin, maybe because of the lost dreams. He loves taking care of cars, knowing how they are made. When he get my Cuda (1971 Plymouth Barracuda 340), he'll be in heaven. His dream is still alive. His idea for a great time in San Francisco:

Go crabbing and fishing.

Try all the bizzarre foods.

Play soccer.

Gordon Fenner Gordon. When a tall dude tells you that "everything was bigger" growing up somewhere in Texas, there's some cred that comes with it. Imagine getting out of town in a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere wagon (something to scare the Audie drivers on 101) with only the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh to guide you and you have a start on Gordon's vision of a good life. Who knows (he doesn't) why Gordon got into cars in the first place, but put yours in his hands and you'll be grateful he did. His idea of what to do in SF?



Eat. Oh, and get out of town.

Nick RothmanNick, a native to San Francisco, loved growing up in its various neighborhoods, especially The Mission. Working with cars was a easy progression from pursuing his natural interests and making a living. A pioneer in electric vehicles, he's a partner with Pat at Green Gears. Like his taste in authors and cars, Steinbeck, Orwell, and the Lexus LS 600h (probably for its "unspecified amount of torque"), Nick suggests the obvious pleasures of San Francisco mixed with something specific everyone should try once.

Hang out in coffee shops, especially in The Mission

Dine out.

Compete in an archery tournament.

Karin RoperKarin, also native to this odd and great city considered herself a "feral child." Maybe that's how she developed her big love of animals, taxidermically that is. The aesthetic continues with her choice of vehicles, a Sayers 1937 Byzantine. Look, you'll understand. The theme of oddity and fantasy is solidly confirmed by her recommended reading, Geek Love, and SF outings.

See the Columbarium at No. One Loraine. Hidden treasure hiding 1000's of hidden treasures.

Walk the hills and halls of the Legion of Honor.

Get lost in pagoda fantasies in China Town.

Augie BaroneFor Augie, born in Naples, raised in the mean streets of Brooklyn, fixing cars was never a choice if you wanted to own one. Having fixed about 4,000,086 cars, his idea of the optimal ride is an inflatable vehicle that flies (fast) and doesn't pollute. You're thinking, but wait, that's just crazy. He'd admit that, but then he couldn't file for retirement at the insanitorium. If you say you're crazy, you can't be crazy. Oh, his best read ever? Catch 22. No wonder. The Italian hasn't completely left the man. His itinerary for the classic summer night in the city never fails.

Take coffee at Cafe Trieste in North Beach,

And dinner nearby.

Then off to Ocean Beach for the sunset.

Pat CadamPat was born in Waterloo Iowa surrounded by a family of house painters, farmers, and ministers. Salts of the earth. Mix that with formative years immersed in the car culture of Southern California and you understand his roots. "Driving through the So Cal countryside in the early 60's in my '58 Chevy convertible, top down, was pure magic. It's only gotten better." Covey's 7 Habits and Camus's Perfect Death tie for first in that place his heart reserves for literature. The Ferrari P4, for machines. And for San Francisco,

Basking in the sunset at Ocean Beach (clearly not to miss).

Dining at the Zuni Cafe.

Working at Pat's Garage and hanging with the lovely folks who stop by.

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