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San Francisco Nissan Altima Service & Repair

San Francisco Nissan Altima Service & Repair | Pat's Garage

Welcome to Pat’s Garage - San Francisco Nissan service and repair specialists. We are a family owned San Francisco auto repair shop that offers quality repairs and great customer service. Whether your Nissan Altima needs oil service, brake repair, a/c recharge or major transmission or engine repairs, we are happy to be of service.

Our nationally ASE certified technician have decades of auto repair experience, and are equipped with state-of-the-art digital tools to access you Nissan Altima diagnostic computer. Naturally, before it gets to the stage of needing to diagnose problems, we suggest following manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, and in particular, regular oil service. Oil service not only extends engine and tire life, but also allows your mechanic to take a look at various vehicle subsystem, so that we can ascertain the overall health of your vehicle.

Regular Nissan Altima service at Pat’s Garage keeps the Nissan factory warranty in force.

When you visit Pat’s Garage, you can anticipate meeting our friendly staff, strong coffee, and superior customer service. We offer full range of Nissan Altima diagnostics and repairs. Whether your Altima has check engine light on, or transmission problems, our technicians can help.

Generally Altima is a solid vehicle, though years 2013 and 2014 were bad years for Nissan Altima – these models can suffer from transmission failure. 2009 Altima is known for steering wheel lock failure, while the 2010 model had battery issues. At Pat’s Garage we offer full range of Nissan repairs and services, so bring your Altima to us, and you will experience:

  • Written estimates and clear explanations of what needs to be done
  • Service and repairs completed the same day (in most cases)
  • Original Equipment quality (or better) parts
  • 2 years / 24,000 miles warranty on parts and labor

Pat’s Garage offers broad range of automotive maintenance services and repairs. Whatever your Nissan Altima requires, we can help. Below is a small sample of the services and repairs we offer:

  • air conditioning system recharge
  • wheel balancing & alignments
  • air intake cleaning & filter changing
  • drivetrain repair
  • suspension (struts, shocks, axles, control arm)
  • fuel injection cleaning & service
  • power steering rack and pinion replacement
  • no-start diagnostics
  • driveline repair & maintenance
  • fuel injection repair
  • complete engine performance check
  • TPMS sensor replacement
  • exhaust system repair
  • heater repair
  • EVAP sensor replacement
  • brake fluid flush
  • battery maintenance
  • engine replacement
  • torque converter problems
  • brake rotors replacement
  • tire pressure monitoring system repair
  • tire replacement
  • U-joint repair
  • power lock repair
  • radiator flush
  • electrical system repair
  • high voltage cable inspection & repair
  • sensor diagnostics
  • power window & door lock diagnosis and repair
  • air bag light
  • battery load test
  • 30,000 mile service
  • 60,000 mile service
  • 90,000 mile service
  • alternator testing and replacement
  • heater hose repair
  • anti-lock brake service & diagnostics
  • electrical and/or wiring problems
  • auto a/c compressor replacement
  • tie rod replacement
  • manual transmission service & repair
  • diagnose & repair tire pressure monitoring systems
  • catalytic converter emissions

Pat’s Garage is a family owned San Francisco auto repair shop. We look forward to meeting you and working on your Nissan Altima. For your convenience we offer online appointments, or you can call us at the shop.

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