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San Francisco Honda Civic Service and Repair


Welcome to Pat’s Garage, the premier Honda Civic service and repair shop serving San Francisco area. We aim to provide superior service to Honda Civic owners. Whether your Civic needs regular maintenance or is in need of major repairs, you can count on our nationally ASE certified technicians to diagnose and repair the issues your vehicle is experiencing. 

More often than not, your Civic will simply need factory recommended maintenance service. Honda Civic is legendary for its quality and trouble free operation. Following Honda recommended maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your Civic in great shape for years to come. 


Servicing your Honda Civic with Pat’s Garage fulfills the requirements to keep manufacturer warranty in force.


When you do bring your Civic to our San Francisco Honda repair shop, you will be offered strong coffee, service with a smile, and can expect:

  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty
  • Same day service, in most cases
  • Complimentary inspection 
  • Honda specialist working on your car

We perform complimentary inspections on all vehicles visiting Pat’s Garage. We check belts, hoses, battery, tires, adjust tire pressure to manufacturer specifications, and look at other systems to ascertain the overall state of the vehicle. If we do find that your Civic needs additional repairs or maintenance, we will help you prioritize the issues, and make a plan of repairs. 

Overall we mostly see Civics for regular maintenance. Even though Civic had some “off” years - 2007 Civics suffered from excessive and uneven tire ware, 2002 Honda Civic model had transmission problems, and 2006 Civics could experience cracked engine block, overall Civic continues to provide great value and reliable service.   

Should your Civic require major repairs, Pat’s Garage is fully equipped to handle them. We have highly skilled Honda mechanics, and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to get your vehicle back in shape. Pat’s Garage can perform a wide range of services and repairs – from transmission fluid flush, to brake repair, brake pad replacement, a/c recharge, cooling system repairs, radiator replacement, transmission problems, fuel system repairs, water pump replacement, timing belt replacement, timing chain repair, shocks and struts, oil leak repair, coolant leak repair, electrical system diagnostics and repairs, as well diagnosing the “check engine” light. 

So whether your Honda Civic needs regular maintenance, or is facing major surgery, bring it to Pat’s Garage and experience quality repairs and service with a smile. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call. We are ready to help. 


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