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San Francisco Prius Service and Repair | Pat's Garage
Toyota's new Prius V Hybrid car by Robert Scoble, used underCC BY 2.0

San Francisco Prius Service and Repair

Pat’s Garage provides San Francisco Prius Service and Repair without equal.

Pat has been a big proponent of hybrid and electric cars long before they were “cool”, and through his other company, Green Gears, provided Prius owners with conversions that allowed them to routinely achieve 100 mpg.

As a Prius owner you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. If you need Prius repair in San Francisco, come to us – we are experts at handling hybrids and electric cars. In order to do Prius conversions, we had to understand Prius at a level than most automotive technicians never will.

Our expertise with hybrids and electric cars is unmatched in the Bay Area. In addition to working on Priuses and other hybrids, we are the Authorized Customer Support Program provider for the luxury Fisker Karma electric car – the only such provider in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Your Prius will get checked out by a Certified Master Technician and if we find anything that it needs besides the regular service - we know how to fix it. This happens now and then, though it is fairly rare, as Prius has turned out to be an excellent car that provides years of trouble free operation to its owners.

So whether you need a Prius mechanic to do a simple oil change, or a Prius specialist to understand the finer points of Prius repair, call us or set up an appointment online – we will take good care of your Prius.

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