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San Francisco Prius Gen 3 Service and Repair | Pat's Garage

San Francisco Prius Gen 3 Service and Repair

At Pat’s Garage in San Francisco, we pride ourselves on providing superior Prius Gen 3 service and repair. We are the premier San Francisco Prius service and repair shop. We have unmatched hybrid experience, including conversion of Gen 2 Priuses into plug-in hybrids, long before Toyota created plugin-hybrid of their own.

When you bring your Prius Gen 3 to Pat’s Garage, our friendly staff will provide superior service, while our nationally ASE certified master technicians will take good care of your Prius.

All Priuses (or Prii), including the Gen 3 Prius, need regular oil service, as they have a tendency to burn oil, often losing as much as one quart of oil every 2000 miles. There were even reports of some Prii consuming as much as 1 quart per 1000 miles – so you want to make sure you Prius is not that thirsty. If it turns out that it is, frequent oil checks are an absolute necessity.

Electrical issues are another frequent problem for Toyota Prius. Pat’s Garage has the state-of-the-art tools, as well as nationally ASE certified technicians who undergo training on regular basis. We combine that training, latest tools, and superior diagnostic and repair skills to bring them to bear on any problem your Gen 3 Prius may experience.

When you bring your Prius Gen 3 to our San Francisco Prius repair shop, you will find friendly staff and strong coffee. Whether your Prius needs a new high voltage battery or your Gen 3 needs engine service, you will find:

  • Prius specialist working on your car
  • 24 months /24,000 miles warranty
  • Same day service completion, in most cases
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians

We invite you and your Gen 3 Prius to visit Pat’s Garage – whether for minor service, major repairs, or just to say “Hi” – we are here Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, simply give us a call, or schedule an appointment online.

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