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Monthly Archives: October 2020

The Smoke is Gone – Time to Replace Air Filters

Now that the worst forest fires of the year are behind us, it’s time to replace air filters in your vehicle. Bay Area air was terrible, and both the cabin air filter and engine air filter in your car bore the brunt of the smoke, soot, and ash.  Just as you and passengers in your vehicle need to breathe clean air, so does the engine.  That’s why cars are designed with two air filters – one for humans, and one for the engine. Normally we would recommend air filters replacement every 12,000 miles or so – roughly once a year, depending on your driving habits. But with the heavy smoke in the air, if you were using your car during those weeks, it’s a good idea to replace both air filters now.  Air filter replacement is a quick procedure, and can be done along with the oil service. So give your car a gift of clean air and clean engine oil – get an oil service and air filters replaced soon. Your lungs, and your car’s engine will thank ... read more

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