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Gotta Honda, Subaru or hybrid? Bring it to Pat's. Experts in keeping your car running smoothly and they will not recommend unnecessary repairs (they even can recommend what repairs you can put off to help with your budget). Although they are not always the cheapest, sometimes you have to pay a little extra for quality, and they will not install the wrong part. Which has happened to me at other places. Twice.


I really hate mechanics. As a natural procrastinator, I tend to let it get really bad before I deal with it. Owning a car for me is a recipe for disaster.Enter Pat's. I have a honda, and don't intend to buy a domestic car until they figure it out, which might be a while, if ever.Pat's has been taking care of my car and my wife's car for almost 9 years. They have always been honest with me, and they have provided great service without fail.I have on occasion had a conversation with someone at the garage that I didn't really enjoy, but in those cases, I believe that my best interests were being considered by Pat's. If you have a Honda, this is your place. The new office is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but it is worth it.


Got Honda? In the unlikely event it breaks, this is THE place to take it. (Hondas never die. They just need to visit Pat's, once in a while.)


Yay for Pat's Garage! I love these guys, although I miss Tiffany...she definitely added a lovely, feminine personality to the testosterone soaked atmosphere. But they're still awesome. Fair prices, great service...that's all folks!


Pat's is a terrific place to get your Honda serviced. I recommend them to friends all the time. They always do fast, quality work for a fair price. Plus, they're just about the friendliest people around.


Honda and hybrid specialist. Found them through the mechanic recommendation database at seven years ago and been with them since; got my wife to switch to them about five years ago. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Their web site is .

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